202201 Jan

Medicare Insurance Association Launches 2022 Open Enrollment Awareness Effort


"During this 2022 Open Enrollment Period people who have Medicare Advantage coverage can make a one-time switch.”According to Slome, some 26 million Americans are estimated to have Medicare Advantage coverage. Last year AAMSI reported some 24 million MA plan participants nationally.“Medicare Advantage plans can change on January 1st and this open enrollment gives consumers an opportunity to re-evaluate their current choice and make a one-time switch,” Slome explains. “This special period ends March 31st and only applies to those who currently have a plan and wish to switch to another or back to original Medicare.”The Medicare insurance expert estimates that around 8-to-10 percent of people enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan switched to another plan in previous years.“That can amount to 2 million people,” Slome advised. “It could be higher this year as more Medicare Advantage plans add benefits such as dental, vision and even include such things as meals and transportation.”“The typical consumer has between 25 and 50 different MA plans available to compare and choose from,” Slome notes. “A local agent will likely be familiar with what other area consumers have to say about the particular plan, the medical facilities and healthcare providers included with the coverage.”The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance makes available the largest online directory listing Medicare insurance agents.

Source: Pr