202106 Dec

Mitolo partners with Radford Software


Radfords will provide operational-specific platforms to update the Australian fresh produce company’s current manual systems and processes – from farm management and product traceability to sales and marketing, business reporting and planning. “The product will provide a relatively off-the-shelf fresh produce solution for our fairly complex application requirements from growing seed through to dispatch. FreshGrow is Radfords end-to-end management solution, designed to streamline day-to-day operations on farms and orchards, ensuring input and resource data is captured and maintained in one location. “Onboarding a customer of Mitolos calibre reinforces our international growth strategy as we continue to focus on building client relationships across Australia and into the North American market,” said Radford Software chief executive Adam Cuming. However, we’re proud to have secured Mitolo’s confidence over the past 12 months within the constraints of the pandemic, without having set foot on the farm.”

Source: Fruitnet