202105 Dec

SAASTEPS wishes their Customers, Employees, Advisors, & Partners a Happy Holiday & New Year, plus an introduction to SAASTEPS VENUE & ENCORE newest software release v10.0


SAASTEPS, which recently started building out its Strategic Advisory Board within the past few months, introduced Brent Slosky, Brenda Paauwe-Navori, Sergio Frias, Gavin Gomes, and Kent Perkocha. Following the successful launch of SAASTEPS latest App for Salesforce customers B2B Frictionless Sales solution with their partner Buyjour, the company bringing simplicity to complex processes is now releasing its tenth anniversary of their flagship products Venue and Encore on 6th December 2021. SAASTEPS ensures with a 100% degree of confidence and error-proof eCommerce through every renewal opportunity will always contain the most accurate pricing conditions and products, thus making the 360 customer view in sales work the way it was always supposed to inside Salesforce. I couldn’t be more excited that also net new or onboarding customers now get to leverage a native Buyjour connector to add to this whole process,” explains Ron Costa - SVP of Operations and Services. With Venue & Encore, SAASTEPS provides Salesforce customers intelligent revenue optimization solution choices with 100% Native & Lightning-ready managed packages that implement quickly.

Source: Prweb