202106 Dec

Windows 11: Give yourself more time to roll back the upgrade


But you only have 10 days to exercise that option; the clock starts ticking as soon as you finish the Windows 11 install, and when you reach the 10-day milestone, those rollback files are permanently deleted. Youve installed new software, updated drivers, tweaked settings, and otherwise mucked about just enough to ensure that trying to go back to the status quo ante will be a less-than-positive experience. As those poor, quietly sobbing Microsoft product managers will tell you, telemetry data confirms that the overwhelming majority of people who decide to roll back their upgrade do so in the first week or so. They quickly discover an incompatibility with a crucial software program or find a device that doesnt work quite right or just decide that their cheese was moved a bit too far, thank you very much. You, the knowledgeable Windows expert, the IT professional, the snarky ZDNet pundit … you can, with a few quick commands, extend that rollback period from its 10-day default to a full 60 days.

Source: Zdnet