202105 Dec

Stacked raises $35M to bring passive investing tools to retail crypto traders –


The latest round brings its total funding to “just shy of $40 million,” co-founder and CEO Joel Birch told TechCrunch in an interview. While the SEC has not yet approved a crypto ETF for trading in the U.S., products like Grayscale’s trusts have become popular with investors seeking price exposure to the asset class. Stacked makes money by charging a percentage fee on transactions in its two-sided open marketplace, which sells automated trading strategies, according to Birch. In the “next few weeks,” the company plans to launch a feature that will allow users to copy any “stack” as a template and customize it by making direct edits, Birch said. A self-described “tech nerd,” he dropped out of college three times before completing his bachelor’s degree to explore his interest in building an internet business.

Source: Techcrunch