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Self publishing a paper book


Endnote Location Insert endnotes: at the end of each chapter Line Spacing: 1 Font Size: 1 Body Font: Linux Libertine (serif) Title Font: Open Sans (Sans) Footnote Font Size: 7 ⇒ this one is important as its related with the size in amazon Show Chapter Name in Ebook Header: turned on Inner Margin (inches): not set Outer Margin (inches): not set Top Margin (inches): not set Bottom Margin (inches): not set Advanced Margon Options (PDF only) Hyphenations Penalty: 1000 Tolerance: 1000 Emergency Stretch (em) :3 Text Justification: turned on Paragraph Style: No ident, small vertical space between paragraphs Paragraph Spacing (LInes): 1 Table Row Lines: turned off Table Row Spacing (pt): 0,0 Vertical space above and below lists Top Level Lists: 1.7 First Level Nested Lists: -1 Second Level Nested Lists: -0.8 Third Level Nested Lists: -0.8 Vertical Space between list items Top Level Lists: -0.7 First Level Nested Lists: 0 Second Level Nested Lists: 0 Third Level Nested Lists: 0 page breaks after every section: turned off page breaks after every sub-section: turned off page breaks after every sub-sub-section: turned off Chapter and section Titles Alignment Left Aligned Table of Contents : Parts, Chapters, Sections Show Dots in the table of Contents: Turned on Section Numbering: Number everything Do not Number Parts: turned off Figures Vertical Spacing above and below figures: 4 Background color for Asides: White Show Border on asides: turned on Code Font: Anonymous Pro (mono) Inline Code Font Size: 10 Code Figure Font Size: 10 Line Spacing in Code Figures: 1 Vertical Spacing above and below code figures: 0 Code Samples: Show line numbers on Code Samples turned on Inserted Code Styling: Default Caption:Bold Page Numbering: Show Page Number o the first page of chapters turned on ⇒ that last one, my children think looks strange the way it’s standard in most books (aka the numbering on a different place of the book, would indeed be nice if Leanpub offered us a way to select the location of the number for the first page of a chapter (Yes our children are helping out with debugging these settings and how the books look like) Formatting options Show chapter names in page headers: turned on Show “tweet this book” page: turned on ⇒ I will remove this in the future. Verso Page Content Show publisher info on Print: turned on ISBN: added my ISBN number Links: show links as footnotes Footnotes and Endnotes Show Footnodes and Endnotes as: Either Endnote location: end of chapter Choose Print Book Page size US Trade (no option to change it here, as this depends on the size of the PDF version) Amazon wants us to create a pdf file that is a cover for the front, spine and back of the book, all in one file. I created a large picture that I assumed was the right size and I added lines where I hoped the borders would be, I generated a pdf from this and uploaded it to KDP. I screwed up with the name of Gerald Weinberg, who wrote the forward, I only noticed it after I published the book, luckily I could adapt it, a few days later amazon accepted this change. I selected Standard color interior with White paper Has as disadvantage (that I only discovered after publishing) that my book can not be printed in certain areas of the world.

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