202103 Dec

Strapi v4: Big changes in latest release of this open-source headless CMS


Unlike conventional CMSs, such as WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal, a headless CMS doesnt bother with the websites front-end. Strapi claims that traditional CMSs, like 20-plus-year-old WordPress, have a monolithic legacy architecture that is difficult to build, often slow, and vulnerable to hackers. The company bases that claim on stats like its over 40,000 GitHub stars, 700 active contributors, over 5 million downloads, and its top ranking on HeadlessCMS.org. In addition, it has the following features: • None Easily create and maintain plug-ins thanks to a new programmatic API and an inclusive Design System optimized for accessibility, thus providing a much smoother experience for both developers and content managers. As Virgin Media Principal Delivery Lead Kuldeep Arora said, "Strapi v4 not only boosts performance compared to the previous version but also makes the process of integrating other tools in our stack a breeze."

Source: Zdnet