202103 Dec

If I Could Read Your Mind ... Simple Collection Management for University Libraries


Happily, Resource List Management Systems (RLMS), like the platform-neutral Talis Aspire, provide exactly that scope of insight into the instructional materials being used and proposed – across campus. As each instructor populates the websites, readings, videos, textbooks, and other materials making up their Resource List for a particular course, they are offered insight into whether their selected items are part of the existing library collection, so that they can be gently nudged to prefer those options as appropriate. The Talis Aspire bookmarklet and browser extension are able to capture metadata from over 400 sites, including Discovery Services, journal platforms, Amazon, YouTube, and other sources. Once a list has been populated, structured according to the instructor’s pedagogical approach, and is ready for sharing with students, it can also be queued up in the Review section of Talis Aspire for library oversight. Budgets matter too, and the Review section connects directly with a number of potential sourcing sites, giving libraries one-click access to their preferred purchase platform.

Source: Talis