202130 Nov

Enforcing Zero Trust with a Least-Privileged Access Control Policy


As connections are scattered across the country and globe, combined with continuously expanding fleets of devices, applications and users, hackers have exploited the security holes left as businesses have failed to adapt their defenses to this changing threat environment. Compromised credentials and weak access and authentication policies are among your most important elements to make secure. One of the easiest ways for a company’s defenses to be breached isn’t by an infection with malware or ransomware, but by a bad actor walking right through the front door under the guise of an employee, contractor or partner. Enforcing a strong least-privileged access control policy requires the corresponding elements of your cybersecurity to be mature. • Our password management maturity model helps with additional authentications and further strengthening your access control policies by reducing threats associated with getting credentials in the first place.

Source: Tditechnologies