202125 Nov

3 Ways To Implement The Principle Of Least Privilege On Your WordPress Site


• Trust: Trusting a social engineering scheme via phone and revealing credentials, or falling for a targeted phishing email and downloading its attachment that is infected with malware • Deal Seeker: Downloading a free premium theme or plugin that is injected with malware to avoid paying the full price. Read = 4 Write = 2 Execute = 1 Here is an example from WordPress of a 755 and a 666: In the FTP or cPanel interface it will look a little more like this : Note that the number that adds up to complete public access is 777. If a hacker can access your WordPress files through a shared server, and your permissions are set to public or world, then there is nothing left to do but pray they are white hat! You can always turn it back on if there is a reason to use it – but it’s easy to overshoot and make major changes to a website’s code and themes that are hard to reverse. It reduces the threat surface for cybersecurity attacks and hacks, and it makes data access easier to track in case of audits.

Source: Managewp