202124 Nov

London-based Attio gets €6.87 million boost to transform customer relationship management


Launched in early 2021 by Nicolas Sharp, the innovative startup has a mission to develop a new CRM platform with software that is more in line with the growing generation of build-your-own-work tools such as Airtable, Notion and Webflow, and Zapier. These tools make it easier for growing startups and large corporations alike to empower internal teams to move quickly through modern, collaborative and flexible no-code platforms to get work done. Almost every business uses a customer relationship management tool, but with the rapid speed of technological advancement and digital transformation, many CRM systems are left unchanged for too long. As a result, legacy systems often rely on the same workflows that become outdated, leaving teams to manually transcribe data into rigid processes – costing time and resources. We’re really excited about the potential for Attio to transform how companies approach CRM and are looking forward to working with our brilliant investors to achieve it.” Currently, the platform is being used by customers such as Coca Cola, Supercell, Saltpay, Casual and Upfront Ventures.

Source: Eu-startups