202124 Nov

SEO over the Christmas period


Christmas can be a tricky time for some businesses, as consumer attention shifts towards the more festive, “present giving” frame of mind, which can leave some industries in the dark. After a long year of targeting a variety of keywords, Christmas is a great time to review how your site ranks and what has been achieved. This process can also identify any changes and trends in how consumers refer to the services or product you provide, which can help inform the wider business on the terminology being used. The Christmas period is a great time to look for ranking opportunities and building out a content plan to help you target new keywords next year. Examples of this are Google’s updates to Chrome to identify non-HTTPS sites as ‘non-secure’, and the more To find out how our team of SEO experts can help you, why not give us a call today on 0845 450 2086.

Source: Coastdigital