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Anil Uzun Will Talk About the Gender Gap in Travel on His YouTube Channel


London, United Kingdom, November 24, 2021 --( PR.com )-- Anil Uzun is a long-time traveller and a climate warrior that has been moving around the world for so many years. Next Saturday on his YouTube Channel, he will talk about the gender gap.“There’s a huge difference between traveling the world as a male and as a female,” says Anil Uzun. “I know many women travellers are hesitating to go beyond Europe or, they just go to North America and do not go down south. Many repressive regimes may not be safe for women or gays.”“We will talk about safety, and I will invite my fellow traveller friends to discuss it. And travelling with a budget may be harder for women because they may hang out in the safer places in the city which are mostly the safest, whether because of their location or the security,” he continues.To join Anil Uzun to talk about The Gender Gap in Travel, visit his YouTube channel on December 4, 2021 - Saturday, at 19.00 CET.Who is Anil Uzun?Anil Uzun is a travel enthusiast, writer, adventurer, experiential and sustainable travel specialist who loves to make the most out of life.

Source: Pr