202124 Nov

Birka Partners with Shufti Pro for Risk-Free Customer Onboarding


Canary Wharf, United Kingdom, November 24, 2021 --( PR.com )-- Birka, a global SIM service based in the United Kingdom, has formed a partnership with the international IDV service provider, Shufti Pro, for legitimate customer onboarding and risk elimination.For those who travel a lot, buying a local SIM card every time sounds expensive, and looking for stable Wi-Fi for connectivity is a whole separate issue. Birka offers travelers a convenient alternative: SIM cards that can work in any part of the world, boasting fast connection speeds and low charges.Efficient IDV solutions are mandatory to verify the originality of individuals and to reduce the risks in customer onboarding to zero. Commenting on this partnership, the Birka CEO Dmitry Simonov stated, “Our company is just entering the marketplace, so we are interested in finding reliable partners in the field of identification. We place great importance on timely contacts on current operations with all people working in management, legal departments, administration, and technical teams. The organization is listed among CyberTech 100 companies for its unconventional use of technology and has recently partnered with Open System Technologies International, for rendering KYC/AML services, for the elimination of fraudulent activities.About BirkaThe travel SIM card service provider, based in the United Kingdom, offers its users the opportunity to communicate with people around the world without a local SIM card or Wi-Fi.

Source: Pr