202123 Nov

Vercel raises $150M Series D as it looks to build an end-to-end front-end development platform


Only a few months ago, Vercel, the company behind the popular Next.js framework for front-end developers, announced a $102 million Series C funding round that took its valuation to $1.1 billion. Vercel sits at the nexus of a number of industry trends, but maybe most importantly, it is part of the Jamstack movement that prioritizes fast, static sites -- but with just enough dynamic capabilities to enable modern, personalized experiences. It was only last week that Vercels fellow Jamstack player Netlify raised $105 million, and I wouldnt be surprised if we saw a few more of these rounds in this space in the coming months. Vercel, which monetizes its open-source efforts by offering a hosted serverless platform for front-end applications, saw a lot of growth in the previous months, with Next.js having grown to 2 million weekly npm installs now and traffic on its edge network growing 700% since April 2020. Rauch specifically noted that Vercel started building more analytics features in 2020, which helped the company to add another dimension to its platform beyond the framework and its hosting service.

Source: Yahoo