202119 Nov

Karaoke Software | Download and Try Karaoki Beta 0.9.7978


You’re invited to download Karaoki version 0.9.7978, a stable maintenance release that includes a few bug fixes and performance improvements. Development popped the hood and performed a little maintenance to ensure Karaoki works smoother for karaoke hosts than the previous release. If you have feedback, feel free to post in the comments on the PCDJ Facebook User Group. • Increased Ping time-out as users reported issues connecting via satellite broadband (Issue was believed to be due to increased ping latency associated with Satellite broadband, the time out was increased to allow for the additional latency) IMPORTANT NOTES: Install update with your existing version of Karaoki closed. If you have any issues or questions please share them on the PCDJ Facebook User Group.

Source: Pcdj