202116 Nov

Unit4 research finds divergence between decision-makers and employees in SMEs


“That could be because their processes to change are slow.” According to the supplier, the Business Future Index aims to assess how “mature” organisations are with respect to balancing profitability and productivity with developing people. “Using a series of questions and scores, we have compiled a model which assesses respondents’ organisations’ maturity against their overall business state, their ability to manage financial processes, and their people/talent strategies. The main finding of the research was that while people are a business’s most valuable asset, they are often not the biggest focus – 90% of organisations admit they face challenges in retaining talent, recruitment and the market fallout from Covid-19. Mike Ettling, CEO at Unit4, said in a statement: “The Business Maturity Model clearly shows that if organisations are to thrive in the face of talent shortages, they have to set themselves up to be more agile and adaptable, and that means being prepared to take risks and embrace innovation. Organisations should be looking to adopt industry-specific technology strategies that are right for their businesses, because, as our study shows, those that get it right see positive impacts across talent recruitment and retention, workplace culture and trust in leadership.”

Source: Computerweekly