202116 Nov

FinLocker And Argyle Partner On Consumer-Permissioned Income And Employment Data Integration


This partnership will enable consumers to securely connect their payroll data from over 110 million U.S. employers directly into their FinLocker app, empowering consumers to present themselves to their financial institution as verified borrowers, with their identity, employment, income, credit, and assets confirmed within their app, according to the companies. “Mortgage decisions are based on a lender’s ability to verify a borrower’s identity, employment, income, credit, and assets. The FinLocker-Argyle partnership gives lenders accurate, real-time visibility into income and employment data so that they can mitigate risk and safely provide valuable mortgage and refinancing services to more individuals,” said Shmulik Fishman, CEO and founder of Argyle. “We are at the forefront of a monumental shift toward more equitable and user-permissioned standards for mortgage lending to help people achieve their dreams of buying a new home or benefit from refinancing." This could possibly mean shorter turn times for For mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions and instant verifications for more than 70% of the U.S. workforce.

Source: Nationalmortgageprofessional