202102 Nov

Improving digital music royalties distribution with Greek Rightholders Association EDEM


BMAT Music Innovators and EDEM Rightholders Association join forces to power a new, improved royalties distribution model for Digital Service Providers operating in Greece. Global music tech leaders BMAT now monitors the repertoire represented by Greek Collective Management Organisation EDEM after the agreement signed in March 2021. By employing BMAT’s tech and copyright expertise, EDEM is now able to increase revenues by distributing royalties to creators with a prompt and cost-efficient tool which processes all data tied to online usages of music. BMAT provides custom solutions for over 100 Collective Management Organisations across 124 countries, pumping neutral data and authoritative knowledge to everyone along the music value chain. BMAT matches the music usage data against EDEM’s repertoire to optimise royalties distribution and ensure that copyright owners get what they deserve for their works.

Source: Bmat