202127 Oct

TMS Software Blog: The much anticipated TMS WEB Core v1.9 is released


For this new release of TMS WEB Core v1.9, we let us inspire by the extra-ordinary nature of the Italian place Sentina along the coast of the Adriatic sea. It is along this coast that in 1955 the famous Mille Miglia race was happening and that inspires the entire cycle of releases of TMS WEB Core. That means that you can create from TMS WEB Core a desktop cross platform application that will have a GUI built with HTML5/CSS3 and can be deployed as single EXE executable on Windows, macOS and Linux. In the area of Miletus, the two highlights for TMS WEB Core v1.9 are that from now on we support macOS ARM based CPUs as well as Raspberry Pi OS desktop apps. Help us steer the direction for TMS WEB Core by expressing where you feel you can still be more productive, what additional tools and components you love to see coming, what you would wish to see in the area of binding to a back-end.

Source: Tmssoftware