202113 Oct

Taysha Gene Therapies Adds Popular e-Learning Membership Program “The Lab Rascals Experience” by K-5 Edtech Company Club Lab Rascals to Employee Benefits Package


On a monthly basis, young learners receive a series of lab lessons centered around a STEM-themes such as Outerspace, Genetics, Agriculture and Meteorology, to name a few.Taysha Gene Therapies is a biotech and patient-centric gene therapy company that aims to develop and commercialize AAV-based gene therapies for the treatment of monogenic diseases of the central nervous system.Through the partnership, Taysha is able to provide employees with opportunities to build up the next generation of STEM professionals, starting at home. This aligns with the company’s trailblazing mindset that is also reflected in its distinctive partnership with University of Texas Southwestern, and its faculty who have earned some of the most prestigious honors in science. Faculty include members of the National Academy of Scientists, National Academy of Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Investigators, and Nobel Prize winners.Club Lab Rascals’ pay-it-forward model sets "The Lab Rascals Experience" apart from competitors. In Taysha’s case, the gene therapies company elected to donate more than 5-dozen additional memberships to Global Genes, a global non-profit advocacy organization for individuals and families fighting rare and genetic diseases.Founded in 2019, Club Lab Rascals is the nation’s #1 producer of culturally-inclusive, on-demand STEM camps and e-learning experiences. They are an innovator in the EdTech industry, constantly developing distinctive products and curricula that get kids excited about learning, and measurably diversify the STEM field.

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