202113 Oct

MOSFETs minimise system-power losses.


It is especially suited to lighting applications based on flyback topology, such as LED drivers, HID lamps, as well as adapters, and power supplies for flat-panel displays. With the 800V STPOWER MDmesh K6 series, ST sets a benchmark for this super-junction technology combining excellent performance with ease of use. MDmesh K6, with what ST says is the best R x area at 800V currently available in the market, allows compact new designs that combine high power density with market-leading efficiency. An integrated ESD protection diode increases the overall ruggedness of the MOSFET up to Human Body Model (HBM) Class 2. “We have tested and evaluated samples of the new Super Junction Very High Voltage MDmesh K6 series and have noted and been very impressed with the outstanding Rdson*area and Total Gate charge (Qg) performance characteristics,” said Luca Colombo, CTO and R&D Manager, TCI, an Italian solid-state lighting innovator (www.tcisaronno.net).

Source: Electronicspecifier