202108 Oct

DjangoCon is Back and Free of Charge


“We are very excited to allow our virtual conference to be free,” said Sponsors Co-Chair Catherine Holmes who has been involved as an organizer since 2018. For comparison, tickets for the last in-person conferences in San Diego in 2018-19 were as high as $795 — so attending for free provides substantial savings. Organizers like Holmes and Sponsors Chair Dawn Wages hope the low barrier to entry will attract more attendees, especially those who may not have been able to attend in the past. Holmes and Wages worked diligently to recruit corporate sponsors to help offset the costs of the event, which was more important than ever since they’re not relying on ticket sales. They’re looking for volunteers to assist with the DjangoCon website and are in need of attendees to hangout in the social spaces to be friendly, answer questions, and report any Code of Conduct issues.

Source: Caktusgroup