202105 Oct

EasyVista Announces Acquisition of Coservit to Extend Product Capabilities to Observability and Monitoring, with Backing from Eurazeo and BlackRock


We are pleased to offer customers these expanded and augmented capabilities including service delivery, support, and advanced monitoring.” Founded in 2006, Coservit’s ServiceNav is a SaaS platform for network, IT infrastructure, cloud, and application monitoring. Additionally, the integration will provide a 360-degree view of the entire service chain from IT network, infrastructure, applications, and endpoints to how each element is used, thereby taking self-healing capabilities to the next level with predictive incident management. “EasyVista has already established itself as a global leader in the ITSM space, making them the perfect partner to further enhance and develop ServiceNav,” said François Mateo, CEO of Coservit. With several customers already benefiting from the product synergies, now we will be able to deepen our integration and expand our offering on a global level.” As part of the company’s 2025 vision, and with the support of its shareholders Eurazeo and Cathay, EasyVista aims to double its revenue to enable exponential growth and development. Leveraging the power of ITSM, Self-Help, AI, background systems management, and IT process automation, EasyVista makes it easy for companies to embrace a customer-focused, proactive, and predictive approach to their service and support delivery.

Source: Businesswire