202128 Sep

Battery Ventures leads Arize AI’s $19M round for ML observability –


“At the beginning of the year, we talked to hundreds of businesses deploying machine learning and having the same problems,” Lopatecki told TechCrunch. Arize can be integrated into a company’s AI systems within 30 days to detect performance and bias issues and show customers how to fix it. It also scaled its team and went from building a product to having it “massively deployed” in fintech, healthcare, insurtech, adtech and retail institutions. “It’s not just a red or green light of modeling, but enabling practitioners to serve up issues and fix them.” As part of the investment, Dharmesh Thakker, general partner at Battery Ventures, is joining the Arize AI board. Customers don’t want to wait, and even though another company might have all the features, because Arize AI focuses on observability and can quickly show value and vision is what makes them stand out.

Source: Techcrunch