202128 Sep

Fiveable Closes $10 Million Series A Funding Led by Union Square Ventures to Fuel Student-led Social Learning


Rebecca Kaden, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures, explains: "USVs thesis focuses on opportunities to leverage platforms and networks to broaden access by increasing value and decreasing cost. In 2021, Fiveable increased retention with its , a virtual studying platform, scaled to offer 38 AP subjects, grew its user base 4x, and helped its students maintain a 92 percent pass rate on the exam. "Providing students with academic support is critical; but so is taking a holistic approach to their personal growth by introducing topics like financial literacy or sharing actionable advice related to mental health," said Tán Ho, Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at Fiveable. The student-centered platform includes a robust content library, engaging community spaces on , and interactive experiences that connect students who are learning the same thing at the same time. Fiveable was co-founded in 2018 by educator and activist Amanda DoAmaral along with community builder Tán Ho and has supported more than 7M high school students.

Source: Prnewswire