202128 Sep

Sisu Raises $62M Series C Funding Round; Launches Explorations and Dashboards to Close the Data Decision Gap


“ Sisu is creating a new way for organizations to not only analyze their data, but actually use it to make the best decisions in improving the operations, profitability, and success of their business,” said Anthony Schiller, co-managing director of Green Bay Ventures. The company currently works with a range of businesses including Mastercard, Samsung, Upwork, Wayfair, and Gusto to optimize their metrics for growth, revenue and incident rate. “ As founding investors in Tableau, which democratized dashboarding and Business Intelligence, we see Sisu as a driving force of a new wave of analytics for cloud data. Data-forward organizations like Mastercard, Autodesk, Samsung, Upwork, Wayfair, Equinox, Udacity, and Gusto rely on Sisu to make decisions to optimize their customer journeys, accelerate revenue growth, and reduce incidents. Based on years of research at Stanford University, Sisu’s mission is to operationalize the world’s data to enable everyone to make the best possible decisions.

Source: Businesswire