202128 Sep

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says were not all going back to the office


Benioffs pronouncements on the future of the office are particularly notable since his companys gargantuan 61-floor tower in San Francisco opened just over three years ago. Those were all constructed before Benioff had 18 months to see how his effectively his company and others can operate with employees working from home or in other remote locations. Slacks software helps workers stay in touch through calls and chat messages and, along with products from companies like Zoom and Microsoft, has become a central piece of the pandemic portfolio. Automattic, owner of content-management software WordPress, has no physical headquarters but brings employees together at an Airbnb listing once a month, Benioff said. WATCH: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff discusses Covid delta variant and the impact of remote work

Source: Cnbc