202101 Sep

Onkos Surgical raises $15M in Series C funding


Onkos Surgical, a leading innovator of solutions for musculoskeletal oncology and complex orthopedic procedures based in Parsippany, announced Wednesday that it has raised $15 million in Series C funding from its existing investor syndicate. These investments support the company’s focus on delivering surgeon-driven and patient-inspired approaches to address three main clinical challenges of complex orthopedic procedures — implant loosening, soft tissue failures and infection. The company says its personalized approach supports improved patient outcomes and experiences using the latest innovations in virtual surgical planning, 3D modeling and printing, implant design and workflow optimization. “Driven by their unique purpose and highly-focused strategy, Onkos is delivering on the promise of innovation and solving clinical challenges that will lead to improved patient outcomes. “With every key milestone achievement, the team demonstrates they are successfully creating a valuable and important business, and we continue to be excited about the company Onkos is building.”

Source: Roi-nj


Sep 01 2021
Onkos Surgical