202121 Sep

5 Ways to Create Better Customer Experience at Checkout [VIDEO]


But there are several specific ways to improve customer experience at checkout, and we’ll dive into those here, with the help of Tristan Oker, agency partner manager at ShipperHQ. Tristen Oker, agency partner manager at ShipperHQ joined us for a virtual chat to share his “5 Top Tips For Creating a Better CX at Checkout” which can help your store increase conversions. Alternatively, if you are a destination company like a winery, maybe you do want to have it on at all times, for that customer who wants to buy a few bottles of wine because they’re flying to town on vacation and want to enjoy them on a picnic. We see a lot of small, local mom and pop shops go online and suddenly their business explodes because someone across the country loves them and visited them once, but now can access their goods. So, if you’re shipping really oblong, oversized, weirdly shaped things or items that are large and light like popcorn tins, globes, fishing rods, fencing swords, or others, then you want to make sure you’re taking all of those dimensions into account.

Source: Sherocommerce