202121 Sep



The way these pages operate is by showing deceptive alerts, errors, or warning messages that try to lure their visitors into clicking the allow button. In practice, this will manifest in the con website now having the needed browser permissions to run an intrusive ad campaign. Users will be subjected to numerous unwanted advertisements that could impact the browsing experience on the device drastically. More importantly, the advertisements could rely on similar clickbait tactics and then redirect users to shady or unsafe third-party websites. The exact scenario presented by Dnsvibes.co could vary, depending on factors, such as the users geolocation, but infosec researchers have observed the page displaying a buffering icon accompanied by the following message: Users should keep in mind that landing on pages such as Dnsvibes.co could be caused by a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) lurking inside their device.

Source: Enigmasoftware