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Hi! Im Goio, your travel partner in Tenerife


Because of these conditions and other aspects such as good maritime and air connections, the economic engine of the islands is logically tourism, since we receive more than 22 million tourists a year, who can enjoy from the best beaches in Europe to see the stars in one of the best skies in the world for astronomical activities, without leaving behind the great variety of local cuisine. As one of the main tourist destinations within the second country with the most visitors per year in the world, creating a virtual assistant to help travelers learn about the possibilities of the island is a great responsibility. At Intelequia we knew that developing an artificial intelligence to meet these needs was going to be a big challenge, and what we didnt expect was that after its launch in 2019 it was going to become an ally when it came to informing tourists about the continuous updates and protocols during the health emergency, not only for visitors but also for residents. The virtual assistant is designed to satisfy queries with voice or text, based on a natural language model that is continuously being trained. In addition to these resources, it is able to offer the weather forecast, the route to go from one point to another including public transport, know the cultural agenda, or get recommendations on where to eat thanks to the integration with TripAdvisor.

Source: Intelequia