202121 Sep

AT&T CEO John Stankey says hes not satisfied with his own companys brand


AT&T CEO John Stankey said Tuesday hes unhappy with his companys brand and plans to refresh the wireless carriers image in the coming years. The companys stodgy reputation as a landline telephone provider and reliable dividend payer to investors still exists, even as AT&T has morphed into a wireless carrier and owner of media assets, including WarnerMedia and DirecTV. He has also separated DirecTV into a standalone company as he attempts to focus on AT&Ts wireless business, which fell behind Verizon and T-Mobile in terms of number of subscribers after T-Mobile and Sprint merged last year. Stankey said his vision to refresh the brand will go beyond advertising, though he didnt reveal specific details for how he intends to jumpstart the companys image. The result confused customers and drew after-the-fact criticism from WarnerMedia chief Jason Kilar, who admitted the sequence of events was a mistake in an interview with CNBC.

Source: Cnbc