202121 Sep

Machine learning at the edge: A hardware and software ecosystem


ZDNet caught up with Henrik Flodell, Sr. Marketing Manager at Alif, Philip Lewer, Director of Ecosystem and Developer Relations, Machine Learning at Arm, and Blair Newman, CTO at Neuton, all seasoned experts in the embedded space. Alif was founded in 2019, and Flodell noted that the motivation was to "develop a new platform from the ground up, based on the very latest technology that really enables functionality like ubiquitous wireless connectivity and edge processing with AI and machine learning capabilities". Neuton was invited to join Arms partner ecosystem after presenting its approach to building compact and accurate models at the TinyML EMEA Technical Forum 2021. Arm was a natural partner for Alif; Flodell concurred because they have great IP and a focus on ecosystem enablement: "We know that people are going to be able to be productive with these devices as soon as they get their hands on them". In that respect, he added that Alifs benchmarks show Crescendo to be 2 to 3 times more frugal than chips with similar characteristics, which simply means applications will be able to run for longer.

Source: Zdnet