202121 Sep

Council Post: Top Security Concerns Of SaaS Users


Cloud-based solution customers don’t need to invest in IT infrastructure, buy software licenses for every user or hire staff to maintain and support the application. One of the benefits of SaaS products is that people can access them from anywhere if their device is connected to the internet: at home, at a coffee shop, in a hotel suite by the sea — you name it. Luckily, you can take several measures to safeguard data and user credentials: • Find a product that allows access from specified IP addresses only. In McKinsey’s 2019 survey about the security of SaaS offerings, respondents noted they don’t necessarily trust vendors’ claims regarding their products’ compliance with data privacy regulations. At this point, you have two ways to go: either to select carefully and use an off-the-shelf application as it is (with a given layer of security that works for your organization), or implement a solution in-house, choosing data protection standards you want to comply with.

Source: Forbes