202121 Sep

VCL New Features in RAD Studio 11 - Delphi-PRAXiS


Among the new features in Delphi 11, C++ Builder 11 andStudio 11 one area Im very happy about is the work the team has done on corecomponents, addressing a number of requests that have been pending for some time. *This is an image from the demo I used in theYou can find a very nice, detailed coverage in*Alister Christies YouTube video " Enhancements to TRichEdit - Delphi #188 ". Notice also that the TDBRichEdit component Lines property is now public.Another prominent feature is the added support for check boxes in the platform TreeView control. In fact the new*TNodeCheckState*enumeration can assume the following values:*ncsNone, ncsUnchecked, ncsChecked, ncsPartial,*ncsDimmed, ncsExclusion.Below you can see an image with a TreeView with check boxes in action:There is also one new brandcontrol in this release, a data-ware version of the LabeledEdit -- a combination of an edit with its label. Below you can see how easy it is to configure this using the Quick Edit menu:The TWICImage*class (one of the implementation options for the TImage control)*is wrapper around the platform Windows Imaging Component.

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