202120 Sep

Coinbase To Develop A Software For U.S. Enforcement Agency For $1.36 Million


While Coinbase seems to be facing imminent court action from the Security and Exchange Commission, it is signing new deals with other government agencies. Since August, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has made a new contract with Coinbase to create software. Teens Would Rather Invest In Crypto This latest deal with ICE makes it the second contract Coinbase is signing with the agency. At the time of acquisition, there were reports that Neutrino’s backers were formerly among the Hacking Team- an enterprise disclosed to be spies for authoritarian regimes against journalists. Related Reading | SEC Is Too “Short-Staffed” To Regulate Crypto Properly, Chairman Gary Gensler It has also signed another deal with the United States Secret Service for the development of the Cyber Fraud Task Force last year’s July.

Source: Bitcoinist