202121 Sep

Hybrent Combines with Serent-Backed Procurement Partners


Hybrent helps healthcare organizations lower costs and save time with its easy-to-use purchasing, inventory management, and invoicing software. Joining forces with Procurement Partners unlocks additional cross-sell opportunities while expanding the combined companies robust vendor base and tech expertise. Navneet Gosal, CTO & Co-founder of Hybrent added, "We are confident that our future with Procurement Partners will help take what we have created to the next level, and we are excited to deliver even more value to our customers in this next chapter." The significant amount of flexibility of the Portal, the ability to capture 100% of invoices, and the capability to service customers and vendors of all sizes have made Procurement Partners one of the fastest-growing P2P solutions in multiple markets. Their software automates manual processes by combining cutting-edge procurement, inventory management, invoicing, and reporting tools into one easy-to-use solution.

Source: Businesswire