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Cash in on E-Kyash: New E-Wallet App Launch by Wallet Factory to Help the Underbanked in Belize


“Behind every single feature we implemented in our mobile app, there is a solid understanding and appreciation of local customer demand for robust digital financial services.”To match and exceed the individual banking needs of Belizean end users, E-kyash enjoys feature-rich functionality combined with ease of use, security, and transparency. The financial mobile app is custom-built with stringent measures to ensure full compliance with local and international regulatory laws and standards.“With the implementation of E-kyash, the Belize Bank will be providing the perfect financial solution to meet the needs of the underserved Belizean population,” stated Lyndon Guiseppi, the Executive Chairman of the Belize Bank Limited. “E-kyash was also the first digital wallet in the country to be fully approved by the Central Bank after a thorough and vetting process, which we welcomed.”The digital wallet comprises two versions - Customer and Business applications, specifically designed to cater to the needs of both individual clients and business users like merchants, and cash agents/retail operators. E-kyash provides various user roles to efficiently manage multiple financial services and operations.E-kyash deftly dovetails a short app’s learning curve with a plethora of tech-enabled opportunities for its users.“Today’s FinTech-fueled innovations bring in an entirely new meaningful way of interaction between businesses and end users,” shared Yuriy Lozinsky, CTO at Wallet Factory. Customers and businesses users have already experienced a bevy of tangible benefits while using E-kyash in their day-to-day banking operations:- Within a first month after launch, E-kyash has already enrolled 34k users- So far 15k P2P transactions were successfully performed- 3k purchases were closed using QR codes- They operate with a network of over 750 stores country wide, accepting Cash ins, cash outs and QR code payments.- 15% of registered users are between the ages of 14 and 17, which was one of the Belize Bank’s objectives - to include the young population into financial services and promote personal finances management.About Wallet FactoryWallet Factory is a seasoned software development company that provides midsize and large finance businesses with bespoke FinTech solutions.

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