202117 Sep

Microsoft Announces Milestones for Perpetual Office Products --


Microsoft also indicated that its long-term servicing channel (LTSC) version of Office, described as a "perpetual release," is now at the GA stage. Users buy it and they dont get new feature updates, but they can use the suites to create Office files in perpetuity. Office LTSC is a "nonsubscription"-based product, according to this ZDNet article explanation by veteran Microsoft writer Mary Jo Foley. Here are the use cases for Office LTSC that were outlined in a February announcement by Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for Microsoft 365: • Regulated devices that cannot accept feature updates for years at a time • Process control devices on the manufacturing floor that are not connected to the internet, and • Specialty systems that must stay locked in time and require a long-term servicing channel. Heres how the spokesperson explained Office LTSCs product life: It depends on what licensing model a commercial customer chooses: either a one-time purchase of a license only, in which case they can use it [Office LTSC] for the duration of the support (5 years), or they can also purchase Software Assurance, which will give them rights to upgrade to the next version, once it is available.

Source: Rcpmag