202118 Sep

Move Over, AMC! 3 Stocks That Could Turn $10,000 Into $50,000 Over the Next Decade


The need to stay at home drove sales of another popular activity -- video games -- past movies and music combined. A combination of economic recovery and the traders motivation to burn those betting against the stock fueled a rally lifting shares 2,000% this year. The France-based gaming publisher has been posting relatively uneven performance in recent years, and it typically lags significantly behind Activision Blizzard and Take-Two Interactive when it comes to sales and earnings. Best known for franchises including Assassins Creed, Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon, the company looks attractively valued compared with many other players in the gaming space. Video game companies have been hot acquisitions targets over the last year because their software commands levels of engagement that trounces pretty much every other entertainment medium and because the industry still has a very strong long-term growth outlook.

Source: Fool