202117 Sep

Panasonic acquires Blue Yonder in $7.1 billion blockbuster deal


JDA acquired Blue Yonder, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) supply chain and retail solutions, in August 2018. The company said at the time that evolving the JDA brand and name to Blue Yonder also further supported the impact of AI and ML technologies across the supply chain, logistics and retail markets. On April 1, 2022, the Panasonic Group will shift to a holding company system, concentrating management resources on strategic businesses in key areas such as providing supply chain innovation and automation. Panasonic’s Edge technology with Blue Yonder’s AI/ML capabilities combines IoT devices and an AI-powered platform to gather and analyze data more quickly and with greater insight,” said industry analyst Simon Ellis, program VP, IDC. “Panasonic’s resources and Blue Yonder’s innovation will accelerate the development of the tools customers need to anticipate and prevent disruptions and breathe autonomy into their supply chains.

Source: Chainstoreage