202114 Sep

WinZip 26 Pro, hands on: Handy PDF, image and backup tools for users, fine-grained controls for admins Review


WinZip has continued to be a useful tool over the years, even though nearly every operating system can handle ZIP files natively. You can also convert PDF files back into editable documents, but we didnt find this particularly successful even for a moderately complex layout like a table with an outlined row and a labelled graph. And of course, you still get WinZip itself, which has an updated interface with the option for multiple tabs if you have several ZIP files open, and quick links to the other tools, so you can get all the features from one place. For users, that adds up to a lot of handy tools; for admins, WinZip 26 delivers fine-grained control over all the important options. WinZip 25, hands on: File management, now with Teams integration Windows 11 FAQ: Release date, requirements, price -- plus when and how to upgrade Windows 365: Hands on with Microsofts pricey new Cloud PC subscriptions • TikTok Boom, book review: The rise and rise of YouTubes younger, hipper competitor • Sony Xperia 10 III review: A solid mid-range 5G phone with a 21:9 screen and good battery life, but the price is high • Best ergonomic office chairs: Work smarter before its too late

Source: Zdnet