202114 Sep

What is xP&A and How it Can Guide You Through Uncertainty?


A siloed approach to the performance data of HR, Production, and Sales teams can fail to provide real insight into the impact they’re having on the business overall. One of the primary challenges financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams face is data collection: • None Time consuming given the ever-evolving nature of business activities and industry. When issues arise, leaders are positioned to immediately assess the situation, evaluate options, and move forward with their chosen solution. xP&A software increases accuracy and eliminates the cumbersome process of consolidating data, creating a single source of truth that all business leaders work from. xP&A provides leaders with the tools they need to quickly identify improvements in efficiency and output, enabling them to act as strategic advisors for the Executive Leadership Team and empowering them to become true business partners.

Source: Calumo