202114 Sep

5 UX Rules Tech Startups Need To Master – Loop11


So, let’s start with the key benefits of adopting UX best practices when designing and developing any product: The more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing your solution is, the easier you build trust with people. Thus, ensuring that the UX is done effectively and efficiently from the very beginning will help alleviate potential troubles in the future like fixing or deleting features that are unnecessary or inaccessible. In case your project is complex and a lot of personal data is needed, then it’s better to break the registration into manageable steps and add a progress bar. While prototyping a UX, every design component and element, including pictures, visuals, fonts, colors, content, CTAs, section, catch, and so on are to be considered and reviewed. Keep gathering information about your users, measuring UX, conducting ongoing reviews of the product, and implementing changes to meet the customers’ demands.

Source: Loop11