202113 Sep

Roy Hill Sets New Course with Purchase of FLXdrive Battery Locomotive


Based on the route and Roy Hill’s rail operations, the FLXdrive is anticipated to reduce the company’s fuel costs and emissions in percentage by double digits per train. The FLXdrive also is designed to function in the extreme heat of the Pilbara region.” Today, Roy Hill uses four Wabtec ES44ACi “Evolution Series” diesel-electric locomotives in a consist to pull trains that are typically 2,700 meters (1.6 miles) in length. “This order demonstrates Roy Hill’s progressive and forward-thinking approach to the mining industry,” said Wendy McMillan, Regional Senior Vice President Australia and New Zealand for Wabtec. It is part of Wabtec’s vision for the rail industry to play a key role in building a clean energy economy and will enable the reduction of up to 300 million tons of global carbon emissions. Situated 344km south east of Port Hedland in Western Australia’s mineral rich Pilbara region, Roy Hill is an independent iron ore operation with local majority ownership and chaired by Mrs Gina Rinehart.

Source: Businesswire