202107 Sep

Innovative app launches, Zoldy can save your confidential information and possibly your life


After an extensive period of research, analysis and testing, Zoldy app officially announced its launch today. It hopes to stir the waters of the smartphone app marketplace with features and functionalities that are almost unimaginable to many. “It acts as an added layer of security and negotiating power for those at risk of finding themselves in severe and dangerous situations which threaten to compromise the private information they have, and in some cases, even their lives.” Zoldy was created as a means through which individuals have the ability to fight back against insecurities, threats to personal safety, complete defenselessness or serious harassment. “This app is not for the average person, but it is my intention to provide an added security solution to those who lie outside the norm,” says Roberto Luna. If this happens, Zoldy is the powerful negotiator and conflict resolution tool you want on your side to bring balance to an unbalanced situation.” When more choices are needed, or when all else fails in dangerous circumstances, Zoldy represents an innovative technology that works to provide protection to those who need it most.

Source: Prweb