202107 Sep

Busy Microbiology Labs Can Detect Infectious Diseases And Biological Threats Faster. Heres How.


When you need to identify an unknown pathogen or biothreat agent, as the title song of the movie ‘Ghostbusters’ goes, “Who you gonna call?” If you’re in Maryland, Sheryl Stuckey and her clinical microbiology lab at the Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, may be the help you need. Led by Sheryl Stuckey, the Microbiology lab at the Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, Maryland, has to run with a high level of efficiency. Sheryl faces an added layer of responsibility – she is the lab tech for clinical microbiology in her hospital, and no one else in her chain of command knows this diagnostic area. The lab packages and ships potential and actual biothreat specimens to the Maryland State Laboratory for special pathogens, surveillance organisms (like COVID-19, Auris, CREs, and more). The GIDEON infectious disease database empowers microbiology labs, hospitals, physicians, and researchers to identify and detect pathogens early and more accurately.

Source: Gideononline