202104 Jul

Pear Therapeutics Stock – A Digital Therapeutics Platform


In 2020, for example, Pear licensed tech from a Canadian startup called Winterlight Labs, which has raised about $5.2 million to develop machine learning-based voice digital biomarkers that analyze and assess cognitive health. Earlier this year, the company added several more partnerships: • Another Boston-based startup, Empatica, has raised $7.8 million to develop AI-powered wearables for various conditions, such as the early detection of seizures associated with epilepsy. A review last month by Crunchbase found that companies working on therapies and other services around addiction have raised more than $1 billion in recent years, a number that is probably much higher given that the article apparently omits one very direct competitor. That’s a lot of buzzy words, but the bottom line is that Click also uses software as an adjunct therapy to addiction and a bunch of other health conditions, including insomnia and schizophrenia: Its first and only commercial product to date, Clickotine, is a smoking cessation program. Pear’s investment in additional technologies around digital biomarkers is an intriguing but risky bet, given the unknowns around the efficacy, adoptability, and cost-effectiveness of these tools, as well as the company’s ability to integrate them into its platform.

Source: Nanalyze