202121 May

NetSuite ERP Software Review: Pros and Cons


Mark Mader, the CEO of Smartsheet, specifically highlighted how the SuiteBilling billing and revenue software has enabled his company to grow: “We needed a solution that could support significant growth in our primary segments—enterprise customers as well as SMBs where we leverage a self-service model—each of which has its own unique set of complexities…NetSuite was the only solution that offered us the ability to automate both the back office and customer-facing aspects across both these important segments of our business.” NetSuite ERP consistently receives high marks for its business intelligence and financial management tools. Through the platform’s automation of processes like billing, accounting, and reporting, finance teams can focus on financial planning, predictive analysis, and other strategic product and systems-facing actions that require their expertise. Beyond the people analytics found in NetSuite ERP, you’ll also find a system that simultaneously encourages administrative freedom with widespread employee data protection. These costs also don’t account for the fact that companies pay for nearly every customization they choose to add, with things like 24/7 support and upgrading to the latest versions of different modules incurring extra fees. Managing customizations and version history across the portfolio may require more training, specialized knowledge, FTE, and budget than SMEs can reasonably afford, which is why the solution continues to be selected by mostly larger enterprises.

Source: Cioinsight